Restoration Projects

Historic Restoration Projects

The aim of architectural restoration projects of historical buildings is to revive an architectural asset of the past harmoniously into the present day. With Luigi Fragola Architects’ extensive understanding of architectural theory, balance of conservation and design, the character and design of a building is simultaneously preserved as it is modernized.

With the discovery of certain architectural elements, the restoration projects aim to restore life and usability to the splendor of the inimitable and unrepeatable labor of the past by attributing new functions and restoring the buildings to their former glory. The result brings a new splendid elegance to the architecture. 

We can provide you with a thorough, expert analysis of your property. Once established, the project would then be under our care together with our world class team of in-house and external expertise by architects, engineers, craftsmen and interior designers who will work together cohesively and seamlessly in order to meet the clients’ needs.

In special collaboration with historic restoration specialist Arch. Gerardo De Vuono.

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