The Firm


is an international Architectural and Interior Design firm based in Florence, Italy

Since it’s inception the firm has grown rapidly, developing an impressive array of high-end residential, restaurant, store, product design, and company image projects.

With a desire to create immersive environments the studio takes a creative and cross-disciplinary approach to it’s array of projects.

Crafting a unique and individual narrative concept for each project is fundamental to Luigi Fragola Architects successful design approach,

following the building process to ensure that the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts.

The seamless synergy of technology, Italian craftsmanship and design is reflected in environments that combine innovation, special effects, custom fixtures and furniture, luxury materials and antiques in a combination of classic sensibility and contemporary style.

As a full service integrated design and concept firm it has developed several departments dealing with architecture, interior design, industrial design, exhibitions, life style and graphic.


Luigi Fragola studied Communication at the I.E.D. in Rome before moving to Florence, where he graduated in Architecture.
His fist work experience in, let him acquired organization skills as well as passion for web and technology.

He then returned to Florence and started to work with the architect Michele Bönan supervising local projects and cooperating in the realization of important foreign commissions.

In 2005, he established Luigi Fragola Architects, an architecture and interior design practice through which he clocked up his early successes and which he has since used as the platform for a plethora of projects in numerous areas of the architecture and interior design fields.

His desire to innovate has driven him to conduct ongoing research into new materials and state-of-the-art technological solutions. His passion for wood and dedication to the environment have become key elements of his architectural approach, which has seen him win a major commission for the creation of eco-sustainable wooden buildings.