Ugolino House | Luigi Fragola Architects & Interior Designer in Florence
Ugolino House | Luigi Fragola Architects & Interior Designer in Florence

Ugolino House – Contemporary interior design

This project, in the outskirts of Florence, in amidst the beautiful Tuscan countryside and close to Italy’s oldest golf course, is the perfect example of Luigi Fragola Architects detailed approach to interior design. Combining the needs of a growing young family with the wish of a strong design concept, Luigi Fragola created a warm and welcoming home. By juxtapositioning the few antique family pieces with some contemporary, comfortable carefully chosen pieces of furniture and decoration. To achieve this international look, he introduced pieces from different cultures and countries, resulting in a contemporary interior design family home.

The bold, well used colours add a special touch and work harmoniously with the decor and selection of fabrics. The amazing use of different marbles make each bathroom not just functional but turns them into works of art. Finishing it all off by taking the same care designing the gardens and outdoor areas to keep the perfect flow of daily family living. This is how Luigi Fragola Architects gives birth to contemporary interior design projects.

Luigi Fragola Architects is an interior design and architecture firm based in Florence, Italy. Our multidisciplinary team has a twenty-year history in developing international projects in the fields of hospitality and private residencies. With a strong view on integrating luxury with sustainability. With projects all over Italy and its beautiful islands as well as internationally. Luigi Fragola Architects are making a mark by introducing their signature Italian style, adapting it to each project. 

It is our mission to translate our Clients dreams into reality. To achieve this dream we listen and transform their lifestyle requirements into a practical and beautiful home.​ The Clients are consulted at every stage of the process to ensure they’re completely happy with our designs.  Luigi Fragola Architects make you feel at home, by creating an interior design to your wishes. Be it a private residence or a hotel design project. 

Luigi Fragola Architects achieves his vision by working with small manufacturers. Resulting in a harmonious interior design for each space. Giving it a warm home from home feeling, being one of his signature design characteristics. The balanced use and respect for historic and contemporary features give each design a special note.