Hotel Ameron Frankfurte | Luigi Fragola Architects & Interior Designer in Florence
Berlin Tiergarten | Luigi Fragola Architects

Urban chic boutique Hotel design

Luigi Fragola Architects brings another urban chic boutique Hotel design project to the hip capital Berlin, based in Tiergarten district. It profits from stunning views over this green oasis of the capital. Its central location, and within walking distance to top music and art venues as well as great shopping and business facilities, will appeal to a wide range of tastes from the sophisticated to the hipster travelers of our time.

To achieve an urban contemporary interior design with a touch of Italian style, Luigi Fragola Architects, based in Florence, has taken the architectural and green space of the neighborhood into consideration and inspiration. Juxtapositioning design with historical elements by incorporating the Luigi Fragola typical Italian flair for style and design. The result being a harmonious hand in hand between the historical heritage and contemporary living of today. By transforming this project into a new landmark and meeting place in this urban chic boutique Hotel in Berlin.