Esterni di Villa San Michele, di cui Luigi Fragola Architects ha curato il design interno
Terrazza Villa San Micele | Luigi Fragola Architects - Firenze

Belmond-Villa San Michele Interior Design

To be able to work on an edifice such beautiful and historical as the Villa San Michele, a former monastery with a façade attributed to Michelangelo, is a great honour and challenge at the same time as an interior designer.

We invite the guests to enjoy a journey through history from the Renaissance into our days by embracing the monastic chic of the place. The stay should feel like visiting an old friends country estate which has been handed down by generation to generation, each leaving their mark through the centuries.

With great care we have knitted together the amazing history of the property with the elegance and modernity of todays living.

By adding some missing elements and injecting the right amount of fresh colours and design to compliment the beautiful austerity of the monastic life gone by. 

The result being a harmonies, fresh interior within the monastic past bringing this unique property and gardens the continuity and “re- naissance” to be enjoyed for many more generations. 

Belmond-Villa San Michele