tabie dining room
sofa living room

Art Gallery Apt – Italian interior design style

Art Gallery Apt is a renovation interior design project of a stately apartment in Florence. The main idea for this project was to create a lively and colorful residence and also to use an Italian interior design style. In particular, the Art work is featured as the protagonist. To achieve such a mood, Luigi Fragola Architects chose for the main rooms a neutral atmosphere with a strong personality, by using the light/dark contrast between walls and floor. The continuous decorative elements of elegant frames are the perfect background to this collection of works of art, resulting in a Art Italian Design Style.

To updated the interior design of this elegant Florence apartment, Luigi Fragola flanked the liveliness and audacity of the functional environments. The kitchen and bathrooms are injected with brightly colored featured walls. Rich tones brighten the bathrooms’ walls and a polychrome marble floor enhances the elegance of the colorful kitchen. The whole apartment is a well balanced game of contrast between light and colors, furnitures and works of art. Everything recalls the concept of the Italian interior design style to whom the apartment takes inspiration from.