Construction & Renovation Projects

Full construction

On Tuscany territory, Luigi Fragola Architects will commission and look after the suppliers and builders, we take care of everything related to the renovation of your property, from the construction site, interiors to the delivery, turn key scenario. We adhere to a unique method which preserves the connection between architecture and nature to restore old buildings and return them to their former splendor bringing them into our era; as well as contemporary construction in harmony with its surroundings. Construction and renovation projects lead from Luigi Fragola Architects make historic edifices valuable again, according to your personal idea of style.

We undertake everything from conception to completion. We offer a unique “one stop” package for newly built houses, from the initial external shell into which we create rooms which are practical and easy to use. At Luigi Fragola Architects we design every detail such as the decorative plasterwork, all the wood joinery, magnificent marble flooring and wall finishes down to the last door knob. We start with a shell and hand over the keys once the piece of art is placed on the wall.

Successful, profitable projects are built with safety at their core from initial design to final construction. Our combined decades of industry know-how and field experience result in reliable designs and renovation projects that are implemented safely to secure your investment.

Thanks to our experience we are today among the leading firms in timber design. We have attributed to the material wood, and in particular to X-LAM, the leading role in our constructions. Our goal is an advanced and conscious design that keeps under control all the elements that contribute to the realization of sustainable architectures.

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