Art & design acquisition

Art & design acquisition

As shopping consultants, Luigi Fragola Architects has, since 2005, been advising and satisfied many interior designers, individual customers, architects and dealers. Finding the right art piece, antiques, porcelain, linens or anything you need to give your home that special touch. After a first meeting and getting a sense of your tastes and needs, we will whatever your budget, strive to find you the type of pieces you are looking to find and help illuminate historical context, styles and periods.Thanks to our international network and our in-house specialist, our guidance is an indispensable tool for the individual client or the professional for saving time and money.

The interior design process from the beginning to handing over the property is long and complex. The first part is more creative while the second part is more “technical”. After the design is created, presented and approved by the client the actual procurement of the furniture, fixtures and equipment short (FF&E) of all the items happens. This is a very intense and important time of the design process and often filled with many obstacles and problems.

This aspect of your interior design project can be a logistical nightmare unless well managed by an experienced professional. Luigi Fragola Architects will make sure that the highest level of quality is delivered in the most reasonable amount of time and within the design concept approved by the client, to make it as stress free and efficient experience.

Italian interior design & architecture firm Luigi Fragola Architects communicates with all suppliers regarding specifications, ordering, quality inspections, coordination, delivery and financials. Our in-house specialist’s expertise and knowledge in finding the perfect product will come all in use at this stage.

It is fundamental to take advantage of our attention to details, strong supplier relationship as well as organized project schedule, to complete the project to the clients satisfaction. A professional procurement process can be incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to streamline purchasing. It can ensure that you pay the best price for goods and services, save time by choosing the most reputable suppliers, and minimize order delays and mistakes.