Cucina Torcicoda


The elliptical path of Via Torta, which pass through the heart of Florence between Via Verdi, Via dell’Anguillara, Borgo de ‘Greci and Piazza Peruzzi ending at the beginning of Via de’ Benci, delineates the area where stood the Roman amphitheater of Florence between 124 and 130 AC. A curved street, once named as Via Torcicoda. Here is born Cucina Torcicoda, a new proposal in Florence catering field, an innovative concept realized by Luigi Fragola Architects, architectural and interior design studio.
The project extends over a thousand square meters giving life to five different buildings, each with its own vocation and atmosphere: restaurant, tavern, pizzeria, the typical product shop, ice cream parlor.

The restaurant is characterized by warm colors of furniture, richness of the fabrics and the research of details. The historic Florentine classic architecture blends to the contemporary design of furniture creating a perfect balance between past and present.

The tavern, characterized by gentle and delicate tones, is a comfortable and friendly space, enriched with whimsical decor and elegant lighting.

Descending from the tavern, passing through the well-stocked wine cellar, it is possible to reach the exclusive priveè: an elegant living room with warm and enchanting tones.
The pizzeria, featuring vaulted ceilings as well as clean and modern design furnishings, is an authentic and refined space that offers the true Neapolitan pizza cooked in wood oven.

The ice cream parlor reflects in the refined choice of materials and in the accurate design of the furniture, the attention of the designers on the research of high quality solutions.

The typical food and wine products shop welcome the customer in a fascinating and inspiring atmosphere, rich of historical traditions and vocations.

Cucina Torcicoda is a unique project characterized by high quality, authenticity and research.