Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique Hotel

Neckar Villen Hotel

Four completely restored business villas from the Wilhelminian period have been given a new life as Ameron’s Frankfurt Neckarvillen Boutique.

The establishment – located on the cusp of the German city’s Bahnhofsviertel and banking districts – is the first boutique hotel offered by Ameron; Munich and Zurich locations will be added to its portfolio in 2020.

Luigi Fragola was tasked with designing the Neckarvillen Boutique’s 133 rooms: he joined the building’s architectural heritage with art deco influences and, to outfit each space, worked with small manufacturers such as Rubelli and Bettenhaus Mühldorfer.


Opening: 2018
Location: Francoforte
Scope: Architectural project, Interior design, Art Direction, Architectural Layout, Final touch


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